Our Philosophy


PGA professional Robert McMillan learned to play professional golf in several countries with some of the greatest players in the world, including the great Severiano Ballesteeros, who he believes was the greatest short game player that has ever played.  McMillan’s philosophy which is based on a great short game, produces great confidence and lower scores.

McMillan’s swing philosophy is based on the model swing after playing with looking at and studying some hundreds of PGA Tour players golf swings. He has produced a "Range of Acceptability" based on the traits of the world’s best ball strikers each student receives a comparison analysis based on this great ball striking traits and sends a personal video with voice over to each student comparing them to the acceptable range of great ball strikers.

McMillan believes each student is different and believes there is not one way to swing the club but several ways depending on the individuals body type.

What our students say:

"Robert and I have been friends for a long time. He is incredibly knowledgeable and a fantastic teacher!"  - Tony Romo